Introducing EMTRAC Bicycle Detection

November 1, 2015 – Traffic departments have become far too familiar with spending exhaustive amounts of money on equipment and untold labor hours—all with negative results for accurately detecting bicycles. The EMTRAC system now offers the solution.

Known for its accuracy and reliability detecting transit and first-response vehicles, the EMTRAC system now utilizes its patented technology for a non-intrusive Bicycle Detection System.

The EMTRAC Bicycle Detection System includes a mobile-device app to help deliver accurate detection for bicyclists. Bicycle-friendly agencies only need to incorporate the EMTRAC Priority Detector at local traffic controller cabinets. The Priority Detectors may also provide signal priority for equipped emergency vehicles (EVP) and transit vehicles (TSP).

Demonstrations of the EMTRAC Bicycle Detection System will take place in Denver (Nov. 10), Minneapolis (Nov. 12), and Cupertino, California (Nov. 19). Representatives from federal, state, and municipal agencies will be attending along with traffic engineers, consultants, and bicycle-advocacy leaders from throughout North America. If you would like additional information about the EMTRAC system, or would like to attend or host a demonstration of your own, please contact any of the following EMTRAC representatives:

  • Andrew Morgan: (618) 315-7771
  • Brett Lievers: (952) 288-4830
  • Richard D’Alessandro: (618) 316-4633
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