Vehicle Equipment

Vehicle Computer Unit (VCU)

EMTRAC-equipped vehicles carry a compact, yet rugged, Vehicle Computer Unit (VCU), which is connected to a dual RF/satellite-positioning antenna that receives precise location data and transmits priority requests to wayside equipment via secure radio. The VCU tracks vehicle location with precision, and its superior range ensures reliable reception—even in adverse conditions.

Vehicles with the EMTRAC system transmit a priority request to equipped intersections when passing through pre-defined detection zones. The wayside signal-control cabinet contains an EMTRAC Priority Detector, which relays priority requests to the signal controller.

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Wayside equipment includes the cabinet-mounted Priority Detector, which is available in RF, cellular, optical, and universal multi-band models.


EMTRAC Optical Priority Detectors serve as universal phase selectors to be used for encoded or non-encoded requests.


The EMTRAC apps provide a secure way for traffic departments to offer the benefits of a connected city.

System Software

Transit and first-response agencies are able to take full control of their priority system by utilizing the EMTRAC software.

This software includes EMTRAC Systems Manager, which is used to configure all of the components of the EMTRAC system. It is where you define the vehicles, intersections, and zones that will be utilized for your priority system—and where you specify how the vehicle and wayside equipment will respond in different scenarios. While the EMTRAC system is relatively simple to set up, it is also robust enough to handle complex applications.

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EMTRAC Products List

The EMTRAC system consists of three major components—vehicle equipment, wayside equipment (commonly installed at intersections), and the software used to configure and monitor the system.

Many of the products listed below are available in multiple configurations (for example, with varying cable lengths or data-communications ports). Please contact EMTRAC Factory Support for specific part numbers.

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EMTRAC System video demonstrations of EMTRAC System capabilities, including Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP), Transit Signal Priority (TSP), transit rail safety, vehicle detection, and signal management.