Transit Data Analytics

The EMTRAC Data Analytics package comprises a suite of data-analytics tools for traffic and transit practitioners. The Data Analytics package generates graphical performance measures used to improve traffic and transit operations. Highlights of the Transit Data Analytics tools include:

  • Comparing transit travel-time measurement before and after Transit Signal Priority (TSP) deployment.
  • Estimating signalized-intersection delay experience by transit and general traffic.
  • Quantifying the amount of TSP to be applied on specific corridors.
  • Reviewing the impact on general traffic due to TSP.
  • Determining locations of TSP check-in and check-out points on specific corridors.
  • Validating whether the implementation of TSP meets the performance and savings goals.
Example of Data Analytics System Report

The Transit Data Analytics tools have helped numerous traffic and transit agencies design, implement, operate, maintain, and improve their Transit Signal Priority systems. Additionally, the TSP Data Analytics tools integrate with the Tableau business intelligence software to make dashboards and reports interactive and user friendly. The enhanced visualization provided by the Data Analytics package enables traffic and transit agencies to:

  • Recognize route and ridership trends.
  • Improve controller timing based on intersection-specific traffic patterns.
  • Efficiently monitor TSP performance.
  • Troubleshoot TSP issues in a timely manner.
  • Generate meaningful reports for management and the public.

What is GNSS Data Analytics?

The EMTRAC components calculate precise vehicle position on a frequently recurring basis, while also storing detailed logs of vehicle and intersection states. The comprehensive amount of resulting data is utilized to generate a variety of detailed graphs and reports. These reports accurately show trends by time and day of the week, routes and corridors, intersection, bus stop, timepoint, or nearly any other data set. Data provided by EMTRAC enables transit priority system improvements to be critically evaluated before implementation—allowing more accurate projected results.

Transit priority system improvements from using EMTRAC Data Analytics are often made without requiring additional hardware installations.

Travel-Time Studies from Data Analytics

Detailed travel-time data provides the necessary metrics to assess facility performance and identify critical road sections to be considered for TSP programming changes, future improvement projects, and traffic-management strategies. Data analysis involves computing travel times, segment speeds, queuing, delay, and other performance indices (such as Travel Time Index and Buffer Time Index), as well as comparing the most recent performance against those from previous analysis.

The Data Analytics graphical user interface (GUI) displays data in tables, graphs, and maps according to the selections set by the user, including roadway segments, directions, and time periods.

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EMTRAC System video demonstrations of EMTRAC System capabilities, including Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP), Transit Signal Priority (TSP), transit rail safety, vehicle detection, and signal management.

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