EMTRAC Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP)

The EMTRAC system enables first-response vehicles to request signal preemption through equipped intersections. The EMTRAC system’s expansive communication range enables first-response agencies to customize each intersection approach so emergency vehicle preemption can be requested as early as necessary.

Studies on the impact of EMTRAC EVP have discovered the following benefits:

Sunnyvale, California: After installing EMTRAC emergency vehicle preemption, the average response time decreased 20 percent in one fire district and 25 percent in another.

Coquitlam, British Columbia: Average response times decreased between 20 to 25 percent as a result of EMTRAC emergency vehicle preemption.

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EMTRAC Central Monitor Interface

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

The EMTRAC Central Monitoring System enables first-response dispatch and department personnel to remotely monitor vehicle progress and activity in real time.

With EMTRAC AVL (automatic vehicle location), equipped vehicles automatically transmit location and activity data to network-connected EMTRAC detectors in wayside cabinets. This data is displayed on central-workstation monitors, showing vehicle movement on a map in real-time. The data is also recorded in detailed logs for later review.

The vehicle and wayside components used for the AVL system are the same as those used for basic EMTRAC EVP/TSP functionality, making it both a simple and cost-effective way to implement an accurate and reliable AVL system.

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EVP for Law Enforcement / Public Safety

Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) has improved first-responder safety and efficiency for a number of decades. However, existing EVP systems have lacked the required range and reliability to provide green lights for law-enforcement vehicles traveling at high speeds.

The EMTRAC system offers the required range and positioning capability to provide reliable passage for public safety vehicles.

The in-cab Control Head provides alerts to notify drivers when other equipped vehicles are approaching the same intersections, further increasing safety for responding officers.

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EMTRAC Dual-System Signal-Priority Detection

Dual 'Optical/RF' Detection

Many agencies find themselves maintaining outdated signal-priority systems due to the expense involved with a full-system replacement. Upgrading from a legacy optical system to an advanced GNSS/RF system had previously meant replacing all vehicle and wayside equipment. This is no longer the case.

The EMTRAC system can detect optical signals from all major optical brands, as well as from the more-advanced EMTRAC GNSS/RF system. This capability enables cities to upgrade selected optical components while leaving other components in place until budgets allow for expanded upgrades.

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EMTRAC EVP at over 3,600 ft. from Intersection

Range, Reliability, and Precision

The EMTRAC system offers unmatched transmission range and signal reliability. Under typical urban RF-propagation conditions, the effective range of communication from vehicle to equipped intersection is 3,500 feet (over 1,000 meters). For applications requiring additional range, transmission signals may be relayed via wayside equipment to extend communication distance.

EMTRAC equipment is also equipped with the most advanced satellite (concurrent GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo) and inertial technology, providing 100-percent coverage and positioning for equipped vehicles.

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Automatic Transfer of Activity Logs at Fire Station

Automatic Logs & Updates

The EMTRAC Interrogator System enables first-response agencies to automatically download activity logs from—and upload firmware and database updates to—equipped vehicles.

The EMTRAC Interrogator System can be used at fire stations, municipal-vehicle garages and lots, as well as maintenance facilities.

As equipped vehicles return to the station or garage, the EMTRAC Interrogator System utilizes secure frequency-hopping spread spectrum radio to quickly download data logs from onboard EMTRAC units.

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EMTRAC System video demonstrations of EMTRAC System capabilities, including Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP), Transit Signal Priority (TSP), transit rail safety, vehicle detection, and signal management.

Intelligent Signal Management  -  1:13