EMTRAC Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP)

Coquitlam Fire Rescue

The EMTRAC system enables first-response vehicles to request signal preemption through equipped intersections. The EMTRAC system’s expansive communication range enables first-response agencies to customize each intersection approach so emergency vehicle preemption can be requested as early as necessary.

Studies on the impact of EMTRAC EVP have discovered the following benefits:

Sunnyvale, California: After installing EMTRAC emergency vehicle preemption, the average response time decreased 20 percent in one fire district and 25 percent in another.

Coquitlam, British Columbia: Average response times decreased between 20 to 25 percent as a result of EMTRAC emergency vehicle preemption.

Novato, California: After installing EMTRAC emergency vehicle preemption on all fire engines and ambulances, response times improved 45 percent.

  • Detailed logs and reports show vehicle and intersection activity in multiple formats.
  • Preemption-request points can be based on time-of-day to allow for earlier preemption during peak-period rush hours.
  • EVP requests may be sent to multiple intersections simultaneously to help clear gridlock from downstream and side-street intersections.
  • Communication signal utilizes secure AES encryption.
  • Satellite and inertial-based positioning system uses latest technology to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  • Frequency-hopping spread spectrum radio signal has superior range and utilizes AES encryption for security.
  • Priority requests can be custom tailored to allow different responses to each vehicle.
  • Precise control of priority-detection zones using EMTRAC system software enables customization for each specific area in the city.
  • Line-of-sight communication is not necessary to ensure priority requests are received.

EMTRAC for Traffic Signal Preemption

There are a number of key capabilities when it comes to providing traffic signal preemption—safety being the most important aspect. The traffic signal preemption device must be able to request priority early enough for vehicles traveling at relatively high speeds, regardless of obstacles that can interfere with communications. The EMTRAC system has been tested alongside other major preemption products, and has proven its signal range and reliability. EMTRAC signal priority can also be delivered via multiple wireless and optical means, with our traffic-signal preemption transmitter providing the greatest amount of range.

A traffic-light preemption device must also handle multiple priority requests for the same intersection, while offering individual vehicles varying levels of priority. Vehicles equipped with the EMTRAC system may also include the optional Control Head, which alerts drivers when multiple equipped vehicles are approaching the same point. This collision-avoidance capability further enhances traffic and passenger safety.


EMTRAC System video demonstrations of EMTRAC System capabilities, including Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP), Transit Signal Priority (TSP), transit rail safety, vehicle detection, and signal management.

Intelligent Signal Management  -  1:13