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The EMTRAC Priority Management System uses precise navigation technology and secure RF communication to detect equipped transit, emergency, and municipal vehicles and to place priority or preemption requests to intersection signal-control equipment.

Effective and safe fire traffic preemption (that is, Emgergency Vehicle Preemption or EVP) is best accomplished by a system that knows how to serve multiple equipped vehicles approaching the same intersection. The system should also include multiple priority levels for individual vehicles. The EMTRAC system includes these capabilities and many others.

Traffic signal priority may include more advanced features, such as adaptive priority. EMTRAC adaptive signal priority enables vehicles to communicate current enroute conditions so traffic controllers can adjust phase timing before granting traffic signal priority. Other capabilties, such as Conditional Signal Priority and Actuated Priority are also available with the EMTRAC system. Refer to our Transit Signal Priority (TSP) page for more information.

For rail-specific transit applications, please also visit EMTRAC Rail.

Emergency Vehicle Preemption and Transit Signal Priority

EMTRAC Applications


EMTRAC Introduction Video: Transit Signal Priority (TSP) and Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP)
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the technological leader in priority management

EMTRAC Rail Line Safety Video: Rail Transit Signal Priority (TSP) and Safety System
EMTRAC Rail Line Safety Video Thumbnail

Rail-Line Safety

EMTRAC Rail-Line Safety

with rail-operator notifications

EMTRAC Rail Worker Safety Video: Demonstrating how Transit Agencies Can Improve Safety for Right-of-Way Rail Workers
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Rail Worker Safety

EMTRAC Rail-Worker Safety

wayside and onboard notification system

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Rail Worker Safety Demo
Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Rail Worker Safety Demo Thumbnail

BART Worker-Safety Demo

BART Worker-Safety Demo

safety notifications when trains approach wayside rail workers

EMTRAC Rail Worker Safety Test Video
EMTRAC Rail Worker Safety Test Video Thumbnail

Rail Safety Test

EMTRAC Rail-Safety Test

right-of-way and rail-operator notifications