EMTRAC Deployment in Kennewick, Washington

August 23, 2016 – EMTRAC has a new user in the City of Kennewick, WA, and their recently installed system demonstrates the compatibility of EMTRAC optical equipment with legacy optical emitters made by competitors.

The EMTRAC System was chosen to provide safe egress for emergency vehicles from a new fire station. An EMTRAC wide-angle optical sensor was positioned across the street from the doors of the station, and an EMTRAC Priority Detector was installed in a stand-alone rack in an existing traffic signal cabinet at a nearby intersection. When the Priority Detector receives a call from the sensor it initiates a high-priority preemption call to the traffic controller and also activates an Emergency Hybrid Beacon (EHB) Signal. The EHB is used to stop traffic in front of the station to allow egress of emergency vehicles.

Emergency Vehicle Activating EHB and Leaving Station
Installed Priority Detector

ACT Traffic Solutions designed the installation and reprogrammed the traffic controller to support the EHB.

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