KM Enterprises (EMTRAC) Files Suit Against Global Traffic Technologies (GTT)

KM Enterprises (dba “EMTRAC Systems”) filed an antitrust complaint against Global Traffic Technologies (GTT) on March 23, 2012 in United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois. The complaint alleges that GTT engaged in monopolization activities through a series of practices designed to manipulate the market while eliminating competitors from consideration during the competitive-bidding process.

Among other practices, the complaint claims that GTT participated in conduct amounting to “illegal tying” where a competitor manipulates the market for its product by requiring that maintenance of its obsolete product is tied to upgrades and future purchases of a new product for which there is market competition. The complaint also claims that GTT influenced the results of a bid in its favor by illicitly learning the low-bid amount for the purpose of beating that price.

About KM Enterprises, Inc.

Headquartered in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, KM Enterprises, Inc. markets the EMTRAC Priority Management System—a system that utilizes precise navigation technology and secure RF communication to enable equipped transit, emergency, and municipal vehicles to place priority or preemption requests to intersection signal-control equipment. The EMTRAC System is the leading GPS-based priority and preemption system in the industry.

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