Have You Checked Out Our Detection Apps?

It’s crucial for traffic departments to have the ability to deliver smart-city services through an accessible and secure communications environment. Provide these services seamlessly—and passively—with the EMTRAC Detection Apps.

Bicycle Detection

The EMTRAC Bicycle Detection App runs on the rider’s mobile device and allows traffic controllers to accurately detect bicycles (and even motorcycles) at equipped intersections. The EMTRAC system requires no embedded loops in the roadway.

Pedestrian Detection and Signaling

With the EMTRAC Pedestrian Detection App, the pedestrian carries the sensing device, and equipped intersection controllers receive the phasing request for the selected direction. The app also enables people with vision, hearing, or mobility impairments to recognize pedestrian signals and request crossing signals from their mobile devices. Lastly, when available from the traffic controller, the app can also be configured to provide a pedestrian countdown timer through audible, vibratory, and visual indicators.

For additional information—such as how traffic departments are currently using the EMTRAC detection apps and how the EMTRAC system can improve pedestrian safety in your city—feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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