EMTRAC Equipment Achieves E-Mark Certification

August 26, 2019 – The EMTRAC Vehicle Computer Unit (VCU), which facilitates a wide range of vehicle-to-infrastructure communications, has received E-Mark certification. As such, the EMTRAC system is available for full installation and use throughout Europe—as well as the many non-European countries that have adopted E-Mark standards.

The EMTRAC system is utilized by transit, first-response, and other municipal vehicles to decrease travel times while also improving travel safety. One way this is done is by enabling equipped vehicles to request signal priority based on a number of conditional factors, while minimizing disruption of the traffic-signal timing. EMTRAC-equipped vehicles also benefit from a number of safety features, such as potential-collision alerts.

E-Mark certification indicates the approved products meet safety and environmental protection standards—specifically testing for vehicle electro-magnetic compatibility. These requirements are issued by the Transport sector of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). E-Mark certification is granted by EU member states, and E-Mark standards are required by EU member states as well as many other non-EU nations.

E-Mark for STC, Inc., Manufacturer of EMTRAC
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