Another Successful EMTRAC Trade Show

October 16, 2014 – The EMTRAC sales staff has been on a whirlwind tour this year, attending trade shows throughout North America and visiting current and future customers from Canada to Mexico.

Our most recent trade show (APTA Expo 2014) wrapped up October 15th in Houston, Texas. This show was billed as “Public Transportation’s Premiere Showcase” and featured over 800 exhibitors—including ACT Traffic Solutions, the North American distributor of EMTRAC rail products.

EMTRAC President Kris Morgan was particularly pleased with the number of attendees who were looking to upgrade their current method of signal priority and vehicle detection.

The EMTRAC Booth at APTA Expo 2014 in Houston, Texas

“There’s always people from agencies we’ve never talked to before, but we were a little surprised by the amount of people who were just not happy with the equipment they have now,” said Morgan. “We have the largest bus installation of signal priority equipment in North America—and it works.”

The ACT Traffic Solutions and EMTRAC sales staff also reported that they spent a lot of time talking with people about the cost savings inherent with the EMTRAC system.

“We save millions of dollars on installation, on maintenance, and we’re very proud of our low failure rates. If anything does go wrong, it’s much easier to correct because our system is all virtual. This show offered another great chance to share the advantages of the EMTRAC system.”

As a result of these conversations, Morgan also said they were able to set up a number of on-site demonstrations and pilot programs for new EMTRAC technology, such as Rail-Worker Safety and Stop-Bar Overrun.

“I’ve got them in my calendar, and we’re really looking forward to showing our system first hand. It’s one thing to talk about what we can do, it’s another to show it in action.”

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