EMTRAC Products List

The EMTRAC system consists of three major components—vehicle equipment, wayside equipment (commonly installed at intersections), and the software used to configure and monitor the system.

Many of the products listed below are available in multiple configurations (for example, with varying cable lengths or data-communications ports). Please contact EMTRAC Factory Support for specific part numbers.

EMTRAC Products

Part No. Description Additional Information
— Vehicle Components —
ST-9284 Vehicle Computer Unit (VCU) - Gen. II Multiple cable lengths and data-comm ports available
ST-9501 Vehicle Computer Unit (VCU) - Gen. III Multiple cable lengths and data-comm ports available
ST-9050 Control Head w/LED Indicators Multiple LED indicators and driver-alert options available
ST-9363 Control Head w/LED Indicators Include indicator for signal-priority confirmation
ST-9217 Control Head w/Collision-Avoidance Alerts Includes touch-screen interface
ST-9759 Control Head w/Programmable Capability Rugged tablet enclosure
— Wayside Components —
ST-9283 Priority Detector (16 inputs & outputs) Compatible w/NEMA, 170/2070, Caltrans, ITS, & custom cabinets
ST-9194 Priority Detector Cabinet Multiple mounting configurations & interfaces ports available
ST-9212 Virtual BIU Kit Includes Priority Detector, SDLC Adaptor, Cabinet, & Cables
ST-9263 Omni-Directional Antenna Multiple configurations, lengths, & mounting options available
ST-9184 Vehicle Interrogator Kit Includes enclosure, detector, antenna, & cabling
ST-9751 Auxiliary Terminal Board Includes board, mounting assembly, & cabling
— Optical Components —
ST-9366 Dual RF/Optical Priority Detector Available in RF-ready or RF-equipped configurations
ST-9320 Optical Priority Detector Single-card, two-channel
ST-9340 Optical Priority Detector Single-card, four-channel
ST-9730 Optical Sensor One-direction, one-channel
ST-9731 Optical Sensor Two-direction, one-channel
ST-9732 Optical Sensor Two-direction, two-channel
ST-9721 Handheld Optical Emitter Enables testing & ranging of optical equipment & settings
ST-9770 Optical Emitter (vehicle) LED light source; Multiple mounting options available
ST-9771 Optical Emitter (vehicle) Strobe light source; Multiple mounting options available
ST-9095 Systems Manager Software EMTRAC System setup & configuration
ST-9127 Central Monitor Software AVL, data logging, & remote system management