EMTRAC provides Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) via a variety of mechanisms. The most used APIs are the REpresentation State Transfer (REST) and the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) protocols. These are both hosted over HTTP/HTTPS and are used extensively by many vendors today. The REST API is more widely preferred by transit and first-response agencies, and it is the most current API that EMTRAC offers. The SOAP API is being depreciated currently. EMTRAC also offers a Webhook API, as well as other API options available with the EMTRAC system, including TCP sockets, UDP datagrams, middleware, CSV text files, and direct SQL access.

Whats a REST API Anyway?

The EMTRAC Priority Management System uses precise navigation technology and secure RF communication to detect equipped transit, emergency, and municipal vehicles and to place priority or preemption requests to intersection signal-control equipment.

Effective and safe fire traffic preemption (that is, Emergency Vehicle Preemption or EVP) is best accomplished by a system that knows how to serve multiple equipped vehicles approaching the same intersection.